Friday, May 23, 2008

The [Mandatory] Introduction

Blogging, *sigh* I miss it. It isn’t new to me, since I had about four or five blogs but had to delete them due to personal reasons. As for this blog, I can’t tell if it will end up the same as my past blogs.
So what is with this blog?
Oh well, it’s just my little trash bin in the big blog-o-sphere.
A trash bin?
Yes, you read that right. A trash bin, specifically, MY trash bin. This is where I’m going to throw all the ideas, emotions, or anything as long as it is not obscene.
It is only through this tiny space in the World Wide Web that I express my freedom, though it is only through writing or posting entries.

As a blogger, I’m sorry to say that I am no writer. Don’t expect some deep philosophical thoughts. I just write down whatever I want to. I simply want to express myself along with my crazy ideas.

As for the layout, I'll be fixing it whenever I have the time and if I'm not so lazy to make a design.

That is all for now.
Welcome to this wonderful trash bin, err, place.