Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day Off

Not only stay-in maids are entitled to have day-offs, students also have the privilege to have a maximum of seven absences in a semester for whatever reason it may be because rest-days are not enough.

After a restless weekend, I decided not to go to school today. Good thing, there were no violent reactions from my mother. I got jaded from all the coursework, irksome block mates, and galling professors.

And I’m also looking forward to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s State of the Nation Address. It may appear to be another euphemism, but let’s see what issues she’ll be touching this afternoon or what her plans for our country are. Well, this may be a good excuse for me to be absent, or just an alibi.

So, yeah, whatever.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In Distress

There are many things to do, but so little time. Being preoccupied with so much schoolwork isn’t healthy anymore. I thought keeping me busy with school stuff is good however, it’s terribly appalling. I don’t have any other stuff to do aside from hellish schoolwork, and this teeny-weeny space in the big blog-o-sphere in some way manages to drive away my temper.

Dealing with vexatious professors and classmates is hell. Seeing them often is something I consider to be tortuous. But I can’t do anything about it since I have to deal with them whether I like it or not.

I’m actually in the middle of doing my assignment when I decided to put something here. Just to clear my mind even a bit.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Double Trouble

Somebody should congratulate me for being wretched.

This Monday began satisfyingly, but it seems like fate is playing a trick on me because it ended up repulsively.

I did not encounter any problems on my way to school and during my first class. But the professor in my second class gave us a bad news concerning our class schedule. She rescheduled it which made me despise her more. Our professor in third class was absent that day which made our vacant time longer that led to something. Our original vacant period every Monday is from 2:30pm to 4:00pm, since our professor for the 4:00pm to 5:30pm class wasn’t able to show up that day, our 1.5 hours idle time became 3 hours.

So, a classmate invited us for a drink before our last class. Well, I agreed to have just one bottle since I have a report for the last class. After a bottle was emptied and a message we got from a classmate that our professor had arrived, we went back to school. We finished our report in less than 15 minutes so the professor dismissed as a bit early which resulted for a second round. We got back to the place and resumed our drinking session.

We enjoyed discussing whatever stuff we land on to which was the reason why we got home late. I got to admit that I was pretty much over my head that night. I was oblivious on how I got home, believe it or not, safely. I’m not sure if I fell asleep on the trip, one thing remains certain I got home!

Still, I have a thesis to work on which was due on the next day.

Tuesday kicked off the other way around, from the moment I woke up till the time that I was out happened to be dreadfully atrocious. I have to thank the pleasant ambiance at our place that helped a bit in simmering down my temper.

I got up at exactly 5:18 in the morning having only about four hours of sleep. First thing I did, face the computer and open all the files that I need to work on for my, rather, our thesis. I don’t happen to be Super Girl I couldn’t finish it before 1:00pm so I messaged some of my somehow reliable group mates. Thank goodness that at least three of them were already awake that morning and were willing to partake in thesis writing. In a group, there are eight members; in our group, there are only four working members. So far, the other four members did contribute something, their full names only.

Cramming is really not healthy, but that’s how my group mates want to carry it out. I guess it is because they are more powered by adrenaline rush. They think that it’s just as easy as that. Oh, why am I blustering about it? I should be grateful that at least some of them helped.

There was something wrong with me. My brain wasn’t functioning well, hangover I assumed. I wanted to rest but I couldn’t since I have to accomplish the study’s first part .Funny thing, I was surprised that I have bruises in my arms, which I don’t have any idea how I got.

We somehow managed to make the first part of the study though it’s flawed, and were able to pass it.

My second class was bull crap. I was asked by the professor to recite about our assignment. One thing I hate to do - to recite. Rarely do I get the courage to raise my hand and recite. I do know the lesson, though not that much, but I’m not sure with my answers. And as I presumed, I gave them the wrong answers. Just my luck, no one wanted to help me with that.

The rescheduled class last Monday was placed on the 5:30pm to 8:30pm slot. The professor’s way of teaching and the length of the period were very lethargic. All of us were complaining but we can’t do anything about it.

The not-so-good body condition, plus the thesis, plus obstinate group mates, plus awful professors, equal to a very terrible mood for me.

I was trying to work on my mood but to no avail nothing worked. I drank a cup of coffee which wasn’t effective. Drowned myself in sound waves, music therapy wasn’t the solution for my mood. I went straight to SM after class to have a FrappĂ©, since I was very fortunate; they were already preparing to close the stall.
Good thing was that the ambiance at our place when I got home was quite good which someway helped in clearing my mind.

As of the moment, my mind isn't functioning well and it's almost four o'clock in the morning.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Good Talk with a Stranger

Mukha ba akong manloloko?
A guy friend’s friend asked as I was staring blankly outside the window flicking a cigarette.
Uhh, yes? But I’m not sure about it since I don’t know you,” I answered.

It was my college friend’s birthday celebration at his pad somewhere in Makati. He invited a few college friends and two high school best friends. We plunged into the pool, ate, filled ourselves with alcoholic beverages, puffed some cigarettes, sang our hearts out, played “games”, and some other stuffs.

I was totally pissed off that night because of some reasons that shouldn’t be put here, so I wanted my time alone. I sat by the window, puffed the cigarette that lasted only two to three minutes. A guy sat in front of me, my guy friend’s best friend. He’s face is familiar, I seldom see him at school since we’re attending the same university. Out of the blue, he asked me something which initiated a good conversation between the two of us.

He’s a psychology major, I suppose by the way how he read a person. We talked about a lot of things. He narrated about his miserable love experience that led to open up about mine. Life issues were brought up, family problems and the like. It's as if we were really close to each other to talk about personal stuffs. We tackled different topics that steered to another matter. We happen to have our own beliefs but we do respect each other’s views. We That was a good discussion, a sensible one.

But I was puzzled when he asked me if I put on a lip gloss. I answered no with a quizzical look. I only applied powder to my face, and I didn’t even comb my hair that night. Then, he said that I looked like I was wearing a lip gloss though I smoke. As we chat that night, he kept on making remarks about my lips which made me laugh.

He asked personal questions, but I didn’t answer it all since I’m not obliged to. He even dared me for a “truth-or-truth game” but I told him that he should convince the other people to join the game. The light crept in; it was about five or six in the morning. It was time to go home so we weren’t able to play “truth-or-truth”.

I went home thinking about all the things that we discussed about.

We did see each other inside the campus, but there are no hi's or smiles whenever we passed by each other. It's as if we don't know each other, like strangers.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Banana Peel

My head is overloaded, yet again. The series of events these past weeks were totally not appalling. And my mind can’t even absorb a thing today, it’s still clouded. Thoughts out of various stuffs keep on running in my mind, which I happen to find very unhealthy.

I should loosen up, I really have to. I need a rest from some things and be away from some people. But I don’t have the time for that now. Because my hands are full with school works, those stuffs keep me busy since classes started. I got to take some time alone, seeing your college friends four times a week and being with them the whole day makes me feel sort of queasy, it’s not because I don’t like those people it’s just that I want some space.

Today, as I presumed, is not a good one.
I woke up early to continue doing an assignment, but I wasn’t able to finish it.
I got to school late because of that.
I brought all of my reference books for my classes today, but I was upset to find out that we were excused from our second class meaning that my effort for bringing a large and thick book was wasted.
We, this time it isn’t only me, were exasperated by our most irritating block mates. I really can’t stand their bull crap ideas. They all keep on talking at the same time; they don’t know how to listen. They all want to have authority in the class. But with what they’re doing, they are just making a fool out of their selves. Ughh, those people! Okay, enough with my block-mates-rant.

If you think that’s just all, well, sorry but there happen to be more.

There are more crucial dilemmas than those listed.
Several of those have something to do with my relationship to other people: family, relatives, friends, former friends.
I’m living with my mother and brother since I was born, but we’ve have lots of issues, none of those were resolved.
I feel uneasy dealing with relatives, I have lots of reasons for that but there’s no need for enumerating those.
I have to face the fact that all of my high school friends are busy, but I just hope we can all find the time to have a get together in spite of our hectic schedules.
Regarding college friends, again, it’s college. I hope they’ll be able to fathom the difference between high school and college.
Now we go to my former friends, I have lots of them; most of them fall on the miserably-pathetic-loser category, can’t they just stop pestering me?! Get a life or just get lost!

I got to rest; my clock says it’s two o’clock in the morning now.

Another senseless-rant entry this is and a waste of reading time for you.