Monday, July 7, 2008

Banana Peel

My head is overloaded, yet again. The series of events these past weeks were totally not appalling. And my mind can’t even absorb a thing today, it’s still clouded. Thoughts out of various stuffs keep on running in my mind, which I happen to find very unhealthy.

I should loosen up, I really have to. I need a rest from some things and be away from some people. But I don’t have the time for that now. Because my hands are full with school works, those stuffs keep me busy since classes started. I got to take some time alone, seeing your college friends four times a week and being with them the whole day makes me feel sort of queasy, it’s not because I don’t like those people it’s just that I want some space.

Today, as I presumed, is not a good one.
I woke up early to continue doing an assignment, but I wasn’t able to finish it.
I got to school late because of that.
I brought all of my reference books for my classes today, but I was upset to find out that we were excused from our second class meaning that my effort for bringing a large and thick book was wasted.
We, this time it isn’t only me, were exasperated by our most irritating block mates. I really can’t stand their bull crap ideas. They all keep on talking at the same time; they don’t know how to listen. They all want to have authority in the class. But with what they’re doing, they are just making a fool out of their selves. Ughh, those people! Okay, enough with my block-mates-rant.

If you think that’s just all, well, sorry but there happen to be more.

There are more crucial dilemmas than those listed.
Several of those have something to do with my relationship to other people: family, relatives, friends, former friends.
I’m living with my mother and brother since I was born, but we’ve have lots of issues, none of those were resolved.
I feel uneasy dealing with relatives, I have lots of reasons for that but there’s no need for enumerating those.
I have to face the fact that all of my high school friends are busy, but I just hope we can all find the time to have a get together in spite of our hectic schedules.
Regarding college friends, again, it’s college. I hope they’ll be able to fathom the difference between high school and college.
Now we go to my former friends, I have lots of them; most of them fall on the miserably-pathetic-loser category, can’t they just stop pestering me?! Get a life or just get lost!

I got to rest; my clock says it’s two o’clock in the morning now.

Another senseless-rant entry this is and a waste of reading time for you.

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