Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Busy and Bitchy

Who says I’m on a hiatus?

The past months had been very busy and bitchy. Somebody should congratulate me for I am now formally a part of the high unemployment rate in the country. It’s already summer but I don’t think I’ll be able to enjoy it. No more vacations for me. And I am still busy trying to save myself from being a bum but it seems like there are limited opportunities in the corporate world in my chosen field.

After 16 years of studying, I still consider going back to school. Man’s quest for knowledge is boundless. I’m not satisfied with the four-year course that I took. I’m still thinking if I’ll pursue for a second degree or post graduate studies. But before that, I should really get a job, a decent one.

After weeks of job hunting, I find it quit stressing and disappointing. Stressing, as what I said, there are only a few job openings where I could really apply my field of knowledge. The mismatch between the skills of the workers and their jobs, or for jobseekers, the available jobs are cannot be denied. Thus, most individuals in the country are experiencing structural unemployment. Most of them are can be seen in the Business Process Outsourcing industry. As much as possible, I don’t want to be one of them.

Disappointing, I guess I just expected too much and because I’m being choosy.

Oh well, got to go back to being busy and bitchy, job hunting rather.


madz said...

hmmm.. I bet it is real hard to search for a job, but while searching for one, you might want to try earning online? I see you love writing, and that would be your talent in the online world. Anyways, hope you could find the job you are looking for. As for studying again, then go, I did took up masters as well. :)

BitterSweetFemme said...

thank you.
i think writing is one of my frustrations, and i'm no good at it.
i really want to study again, but i should first look for a job.

Brix said...

It's so hard to congratulate the new graduates this year knowing the fact that this year could be the toughest with regards to finding job opportunities. Nevertheless, congratulations! Just continue sending your resume to companies or for the meantime take up a new course. Bottomline here is keep yourself busy. :)

BitterSweetFemme said...

yeah, so true.
thank you very much.

dotep said...

rn na ko pero wala ako kabalakbalak magtrabaho sa medfield, papatulan ko na kahit waiter o barista... ayoko na bumalik sa call center...

BitterSweetFemme said...


di ko rin feel mag call center.

Anonymous said...

magkakawork ka rin. no doubt.

anyways, ganda ng blog mo.:-)