Friday, October 31, 2008

One is plated, and the other is gold...

"Make new friends but keep the old
One is silver, and the other is gold
Does this sound familiar to you? It’s a traditional Girl Scout song, a good theme for friendships. Make new friends as you go through your life, but don’t forget the ones that have been with you throughout the ups and the downs.

Make new friends but keep the old
One is plated, and the other is gold

But nowadays, with the deceitful nature of humans, it’s difficult to trust the people around you. You don’t know who to consider as friends for most people are treacherous. Some people would only befriend you just because they benefit from you. They gain without exerting any effort and it is in your expense. They are also known as users, free riders, or parasites, leeches to be specific. They take advantage of the kindness and generosity of their host.

This is something I learned from college. This is really how it goes in college.

If you’re wondering who I am talking about here, well, I’m referring to my thesis group mates who I have been blabbering about from my old posts. I had enough of them.
"The only shame is to have none."
~ Blaise Pascal
To make matters worse, they even added insult to injury. The fact that they did not cooperate nor help means that handing me money without even saying a word is a grave insult to me. We even had a senseless exchange of text messages. One of them even had the guts to tell me that “selflessness is just a word”. So what I did for them was just crap?! Shameless people.

"Sometimes solutions aren't so simple
Sometimes goodbye's the only way
~ Linkin Park, Shadow of the Day
Now, some of them are apologizing. I guess this people will never learn. I got fed up. Enough is enough, I already gave them chances but they just blew it. I supposed they didn’t even deserve everything I’ve done for them.
"Thanks for the memories,
Even though they weren't so great.
~ Fall Out Boy, Thnks Fr Th Mmrs
We had lots of memories, thank you for those. Though all I can say to you now is… I. Despise. You.

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marvin said...

kapal naman kasi ng mukha ng mga 'yan! hmmmph!