Thursday, October 16, 2008

TAE: Thoughts And Emotions 002

Time heals all wounds…
Such a cliché when we talk about pain. We think that time is so generous and kind that it can take all kinds of pain that we experienced.

Pain caused by people that should be protecting us, people that should be keeping us safe from harm. Wounds that are cannot be seen but can last a lifetime. Words uttered that hurt and left scars on a child. Torment brought by the harsh reality of love’s selfishness on a loving maiden’s heart.

All of these griefs were believed to be carried away by time.

But time can be so cruel. Time, which people assumed to be the only hope that could take their pains away, can be so vicious. Instead of taking the pain away, it aggravates the agony felt by people. It makes people more miserable, increasing the anguish suffered by individuals, luring them to the dark realm of life, stranded in the shadows of the past.

"Time has a way of healing, or so they say
So why am I still left here...
~ Urbandub, Evidence
Healing is not an easy process. You can’t just leave the entire job to time per se. It is the sorrow that leaves us stranded, and it is time that tells us how long are we stranded. Time simply reminds us to move on. Time can really help in talking the pain away, that is, if we allow it to do so. The keys in doing so are forgiving and letting go. Both things are difficult, but that is what is needed in order to move on. Forgiving and letting go are essential in the healing process.

I just wonder, when will I be able to learn to forgive and let go.

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marvin said...


patama ba to sa akin? ahihihihi. ang hirap kaxe mag-forgive at mag-let go eh. lagi kaxe akong nanggigigil! hmmmppphh!!!