Monday, October 13, 2008

Define, define, define...

These past few weeks, I felt so much anguish and it’s pretty obvious with my previous entries. But I still managed to smile though it was really stressful. I got messages from my family and friends that I believed were from the heart. That may be a small thing, but it means a lot to me.

Another thing that somehow made my mood was the activity held after our last class for this semester. As a requirement for the yearbook, we were asked to submit a self description with a maximum of 150 words. Most of us were having a hard time describing ourselves, so the class decided to have an activity to solve the dilemma.

There were 48 yellow long papers, each paper was written a name of the 48 individuals. The activity was sort of a game. The rules were simple. You just have to write something about that person, positive or negative it may be, then pass the paper and grab another paper to write on.

I was a bit surprised with the result of the activity. There were only 27 people who wrote some stuff on my paper that is out of my 47 block mates. Some were absent, others sneaked away because it was already late.

Well, here are what they think about me.
1. always generous
2. sweet, fighter, loyal
3. sweet, smart
4. palaban sa lahat ng bagay
5. kind and approachable, true friend
6. mukha namang harmless (try to look again)
7. charming at matalinong bata
8. ohh... i'm scared (ohh, you better be)
9. fun to be with, easy to get along with
10. serious type of girl
11. frank
12. sweet, mabait, a friend
13. sweet but intimidating, understanding
14. sweet and cool, with a little nudge she can also be bad
15. mataray, palaban, responsible
16. fighter
17. nakakatakot (really huh)
18. kind, serious, easy to get along with
19. snob at front, friendly inside
20. mataray
21. sweet and simple
22. makulit, attitude, responsible
23. smart, vain
24. bitch (so true)
25. smart and pretty
26. ganda
27. sobrang responsible, katuwa, mapanindigan

So that is me in my block mates' point of view. I was so astounded by what they wrote. Most of them think that I'm sweet!? Oh come on! If you really know me, I bet you'll consider me as the least sweet person on earth. And they even think that I'm kind!? I guess they just wrote it down to be a little kind to me. Some were actually true, especially the intimidating part.
Those statements enclosed in parenthesis are my side comments.
I decided to put here how they define me in order for the readers (that is, if there really are) of this site to gain insights about the weird person behind this site.

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marvin said...

may ganun? ganda ng game ah! parang gusto ko ring gawin dito sa office! hihihihi.